Parham Ghalamdar

Spectre (2019), 80 x 59cm, oil on canvas

Spectre (2019), 80 x 59cm, oil on canvas

Obstruction given by Tina Finch: Recreate your initial artwork into 3D using recycled materials and household objects

Parham Ghalamdar:


Rendition of a painting:

Diagrammatic recipe for getting creative, creating a work or even recreating one: 1.Silence and peace- the workspace must be quiet with no distraction. The domestic space of the house during the lockdown might be silent but it will probably be horribly noisy with the information received via television and the internet since people want to stay updated in their isolation; 2. Being playful- One cannot get straight into the solution. Play around the problem first in order to map the unknown; 3. Consequence- One must be assured that there is no serious consequence in experimenting and being playful in order to get into the creative mode; 4. Freedom through restriction- If one has an ambiguous amount of time with no horizon to when it ends, one will end up procrastinating probably due to lack of a purposeful ending. Coming up with your own rules and restrictions is the key, discipline yourself; 5. Sociality during the inaccessibility to society- Finding a playmate in your bubble or a virtual one will stimulate creativity; 6. Humour- Laughter is a form of self-defense mechanism which is necessary to cope with anxiety during an existentialist crisis.

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Nevada Smith (1966) (2020), approx. 100 x 35 x 50 cm, air-dried clay and found objects. Image courtesy Jules Lister