Paddy O’Donnell

Patrick O'Donnell, Stir Crazy (2020). Fi

Stir Crazy (2020), 3 stop-motion films

Obstruction given by Jane Fairhurst : Incorporate ideas in the work that Bramble Richard would approve of

Paddy O'Donnell:


This project began when, as a child, I told my parents I had been playing with a friend, Bramble Richard. They knew he wasn’t real. But was he? 

In later life, as you do, I took on many roles: student, lawyer, husband, father, artist, grandfather. Was I always the same person?

At the outset of the bOlder program, the Director of Castlefield Gallery drew to my attention two distinct strands in my artistic practice and explained the difficulties of combining them in a single career.


Taking part in our Instagram exhibition @tenobstructions, I saw how one might control one’s own digital identity. But why just one? I re-imagined my old friend as author of some of my works and gave him a separate Instagram account @bramble_richard

Jane Fairhurst was to set my obstruction for this show 

She picked up the baton... and ran:

‘Incorporate ideas in the work that Bramble Richard would approve of’

I couldn’t believe my luck...

Instagram @paddyodonnell4d

Play to the Gallery (2020), video (8 min)

Play to the Gallery (2020), video (8 min). Image courtesy Jules Lister