Ian Vines

Ian Vines, ...and Five Balls (2020). Woo

...and Five Balls (2020), digital image

Obstruction given by Christopher Rainham : Remake the work without any of the original found material or existing photographs. Use only the things that you have made or acquired in the last six months

Ian Vines:


When I received my obstruction from Chris, I felt that it was going to be a real challenge. Initially, I looked around to see what I could actually use, from a fairly limited range of components. The items that I had accumulated during this period included a second-hand tripod from a charity shop, an old frame and luckily, a couple of rolls of film, plus other bits and pieces.

The work I finally decided to remake "…and Five Balls", explores the interplay between objects and images. This theme also formed the essence of the new work, "One or Ten Tripods". I also liked the idea of featuring a piece of photographic equipment in a work about photography.

Developing this work also sparked off other ideas which moved beyond or overcame the initial obstruction. "Bridging the Obstruction" includes images of the striking railway bridge opposite the gallery and plays with space and scale. Having a limited number of items to work with pushes you in new directions. What initially felt like an obstruction turned out to be an opportunity.

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Below: One or Ten Tripods (2020). Above: Bridging the Obstruction (2020). Image courtesy Jules Lister