Heather Bell

What’s for Dinner? (2020)

What’s for Dinner? (2020)

Obstruction given by Ian Vines : Use only objects to remake the work

Heather Bell:

The work I chose to remake was “What’s for Dinner?”.  I made this piece, along with my COVID-19 series, in response to the improper use of PPE. The work was created to show that we can cover our mouth with masks, but without correct use, the rest of your body is exposed and we never noticed. 


“What’s for Dinner?” was very different from any of my previous works, due to this I struggled to get across what I wanted. Before I was given my obstruction, I knew that I wanted to bring across the comedic side that I missed previously and wanted to find a soft but serious theme to the work. 


Then came the day of the obstruction. Ian Vines gave me the Obstruction of ‘Use only objects to remake the work’. Originally, I felt overjoyed and viewed this as the perfect opportunity to completely transform the piece. 


Of course, with this obstruction, the first thing that came to mind was something physical rather than just a photograph. After many attempts at this, I found it difficult to really express myself through the work, and my original excitement was wearing thin. So, I knew I needed to brainstorm and off I went on so many different avenues. I then decided to take my obstruction apart, realising there was nothing to stop me from still creating an image I just had; to physically make anything including the camera. I remembered back to when I first fell in love with photography, making my first pinhole camera from an Amazon box. So that’s exactly what I did!


After what felt like a million tries, the venture resulted in my recreation piece, “Same again?”.   The lack of people and more thought into my positionings really created the powerful look that I couldn’t find before.


I discovered a different meaning to the work after this project and I am thankful for the experience. It has truly helped change the perspective on my work, it’s the details that really make the piece.


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Same again (2020)
Left_ Heather Bell, What’s for Dinner? (

Same again? (2020)

Left : Heather Bell, What’s for Dinner? (2020). Right : Heather Bell, Same again? (2020). Image courtesy Jules Lister