Alena Ruth Donely

Alena Ruth Donely, Untitled (2019). Recy

Untitled (2019), each tufting strips 30cm x 110cm, recycled coffee sack, yarn

Obstruction given by Sabrina Fuller: Tell a story of a goddess… with uninhibited anger

Alena Ruth Donely:


Sheela is created from ‘Untitled’, a tufted serpent on recycled coffee sacks that was dipped in Venetian canal waters. My Obstruction was to tell a story of a goddess… with uninhibited anger. Sheela was born out of patterns in the canal waters, Sheela na Gig statues found across Europe and the Monument to the Partisan Woman (a bronze statue partially submerged near to the Gardini Della Biennale in Venice). Sheela is a protector of sinful women banished to sea, punished for their sexuality, seeking revenge on the men who wronged them. Sheela protects vulnerable women and girls, sheltering them with waves. She causes devastation with Aqua Alta, onshore floods to punish those who have wronged her tribe.

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Alena Ruth Donely, Sheela (2020). Recycl

Sheela (2020), each tufting strips 30cm x 110cm, recycled coffee sack, yarn, paint, wooden pole. Image courtesy Jules Lister

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